Traveling With a Dachshund: Our Recent Trip to the Pet-Friendly Flower Pot Island

Traveling With a Dachshund: Our Recent Trip to the Pet-Friendly Flower Pot Island


Since becoming a dog owner, my first instinct is to look for pet-friendly destinations when I plan my travel. 

While bringing your dogs overseas can be a bit of a process, it's much easier to take them on a short road trip like the one I recently been with my dachshund, Cooper.

Pet-Friendly town Tobermory

If there is one culture shock when I moved back from Australia to Canada a few years ago, I noticed there aren't as many dog friendly places compared to Australia. Even though restaurants with outdoor patios aren't dog-friendly.

So when I searched for a place to go for a few days with Cooper, I was excited to find Tobermory, a harbour town 4.5 hours drive away from Toronto.

From the moment you set foot in this charming town, you'll realize that it's a place where dogs are welcomed with open arms.

One of the highlights of our trip was the boat ride to Flower Pot Island. As I boarded the boat with my dachshund, Cooper, I couldn't help but notice the friendly smiles from the crew and fellow passengers. 

They even had dog bowls placed along the waiting line to make sure your dog stayed hydrated.

Dachshund cruising on a boat to Flower Pot Island in Canada
Us on a boat cruising to the Flower Pot Island (Cooper was wearing a lifejacket from Outward hound which fits him well)

Once we arrived at Flower Pot Island, Cooper and I explored the beautiful trails and breathtaking views. But before we embarked on our adventure, we made a pit stop at Shipwreck Lee's, a fish and chips place that also happens to be dog-friendly. Cooper enjoyed sharing some delicious fish and chips with me and he was one happy boy. 

Dachshund eating chips
The fish and chips were to die for - pretty sure Cooper agreed

Singing Sands Beach

There were several beaches nearby and we decided to check out Singing Sands Beach, about 15 minutes drive from downtown Tobermory.

Not only does Singing Sands Beach has a beautiful name, it is a dog friendly beach with shallow water, which is perfect for those little legs.

Singing Sands Beach is a sandy beach and Cooper had a great time running around the beach and even did a zoomie in the water. Seeing him so free and happy brightened up my day.

There were some picnic tables and chairs, and even a grill for barbeque. As we were leaving the beach, there were families coming to the beach and set up the grill.

I wish I had researched beforehand, as this would have been an ideal spot for a barbeque with a stunning sunset.

Dachshund hopping in shallow water in Singing Sands BeachCooper enjoying some beach time at Singing Sands Beach

What to keep in mind when traveling with a dachshund?

Traveling with Cooper has taught me a few valuable lessons, especially when it comes to dachshunds. These little dogs have an adventurous spirit that can sometimes get them into trouble.

During our hike on the trails of Flower Pot Island, I noticed Cooper's enthusiasm for nature. He would trot ahead, his short legs moving faster than anyone else's. His curiosity led him to explore every nook and cranny, including climbing up a cliff. My heart skipped a beat as I saw him extend his long neck to peer over the edge. I worried he might lose his balance and fall.

And on one occasion, I tried to get him to go have a dip with me in the clear water ocean. It was a mistake.

Cooper is a good swimmer and has always been a beach boy, but when it comes to swimming in the ocean, the water was way too cold for him. It felt like a shock to him and he was too scared to even paddle. 

Thankfully, I had a life jacket* on him and saved him from drowning. I can tell he didn't enjoy that part of our adventure. 

So, if you're traveling with a dachshund, be mindful of their adventurous nature. Keep a close eye on them, especially in potentially dangerous situations, and don't push their limit like I did.


Pizza vending machine in Tobermory

We tried this pizza vending machine. The pizza is delicious with cheese melting in my mouth. Not to mention Cooper had his stomach full of tasty food on this trip.

Building memories with your dachshund

Traveling with Cooper has been an incredible experience, filled with laughter, adventure, and unforgettable moments. It's not just about the destination; it's about the memories we create along the way.

Whether it's exploring Flower Pot Island or simply strolling through the pet-friendly streets of Tobermory, every moment spent with Cooper has been a joy. From his wagging tail to his curious sniffs, he brings a unique energy to our travels.

So, if you're in Canada and looking for a local trip with your dachshund, Tobermory is a place to go. Embrace the quirky and adventurous spirit of these little dogs, and you're guaranteed to have a trip filled with laughter, love, and pawsome memories.


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