My Dachshund Sleeps Under Blankets, should I worry?

My Dachshund Sleeps Under Blankets, should I worry?


Written by Sarina
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It’s that time of year in Toronto. The temperature has dropped from a sunny 26 degrees to a crisp 8 degrees within 48 hours. And as a dachshund owner, you know what that means — the blanket burrowing season has officially arrived. 

I remember back when I was a new dachshund owner, I couldn’t help but wonder why my dachshund loved to disappear beneath the covers. To make matters worse, I stumbled upon stories of dachshunds suffocating under blankets, and it left me feeling worried and confused. Today, let’s explore whether this behaviour is a cause for concern and what we can do to ensure our dachshunds stay safe and snug.

Natural Instinct

Is it true that dachshunds have an irresistible urge to burrow themselves under blankets, and why do they do it? Well, it all comes down to their natural instincts. These long and low hounds have a history as skilled hunters, originally bred to track game into burrows. That burrowing behaviour remains ingrained in their DNA.

When your dachshund dives under a blanket, they’re essentially recreating the snug, secure feeling of being in a den. It’s like their way of paying homage to their hunting ancestry, a cozy nod to their wild side.

Emotional Comfort and Blanket Bliss

From an emotional perspective, dachshunds adore the cozy, safe feeling it provides, which can help ease anxiety and stress. Think of it as their personal security blanket — quite literally!

Blanket-burrowing can be especially beneficial for dachshunds prone to separation anxiety. The warmth and security of a blanket can help them feel more at ease when you’re not around. It’s like a warm hug in your absence, offering comfort and reassurance.

But what about when you’re out and about? While this behaviour is perfectly fine at home, will it pose challenges when you’re not around to supervise?

If you’re concerned about your dachshund’s comfort and safety when they burrow under a blanket unsupervised, consider alternatives such as snuggle sacks or burrow-style beds. These specially designed items offer the same cozy feeling your dachshund craves without the risks associated with loose blankets.

A snuggle sack, for instance, acts like a sleeping bag for your dachshund, providing warmth and security without the need for loose bedding. It’s a fantastic option for those times when you can’t keep an eye on your pup but still want them to feel snug and secure.

By providing these alternatives, you can ensure your dachshund continues to enjoy the comfort and emotional support they seek without compromising their safety, whether you’re at home or on the go. 

Can They Breathe under blankets?

Now, onto the big concern — is it dangerous for dachshunds to burrow themselves under blankets? Will they suffocate, or can they still breathe? It’s a valid worry, especially for new dachshund owners.

The good news is that dachshunds are surprisingly clever about this. They instinctively leave a small opening to ensure they can breathe comfortably. It’s like they have a built-in ventilation system, allowing them to enjoy their cozy hideaway without any suffocation risks.

However, it’s crucial for dachshund owners to remain vigilant and responsible. Always ensure there’s adequate airflow, make sure you don’t tug the blanket corners to your bed or furniture, or have a big and heavy blanket in a small, restricted area so your dog can find its way out to the fresh air if they need to.

Instinct, Comfort, and Safety

In conclusion, the mystery of why dachshunds love to hide under blankets boils down to a combination of instinct, comfort, and emotional support. It’s a behaviour deeply rooted in their DNA, providing them with a sense of security and warmth.

While concerns about suffocation are valid, dachshunds are quite adept at ensuring they can breathe while snuggled under a blanket. However, it’s essential for dachshund owners to remain aware and attentive to their pup’s well-being.

Embrace your dachshund’s cozy escapades, knowing that under that blanket, they’re honouring their hunting ancestry, finding emotional comfort, and staying safe and snug all at once. 


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