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Do dogs really need clothes?


Dog apparel is a somewhat divided subject for dog owners. Some dog parents agree that dogs do need clothing for a range of practical reasons, whether that be a thick winter jumper or a light coat for warmer months. Others are on the lookout for Insta-worthy style to pamper their pups and to showcase their beautiful babies to other dog mums and dads. Some dog owners disagree and prefer to keep their dogs au naturel. So, what is the truth? Do dogs really need clothes? Let’s find out…

1. Clothes for dogs with health issues

 If you’re a parent of a dog with health issues, kudos to you. It’s a very hard role to take on, especially when our pups are basically our babies. Some illnesses in dogs can affect their coats. Cushing’s syndrome affects the immune system which can cause fur to thin, while dog alopecia can cause full on fur loss.

A dog may also need to be shaved for surgery, resulting in bare skin. When fur thins or is shaved, a dog’s ability to keep warm is taken away from them. In cases like this, a snuggly dog jumper for colder months and a thinner coat for warmer months is the perfect solution to stop your furry little friend from shivering.

Another big reason why some dogs need clothing is because, like many of us humans, they suffer from allergies. Certain breeds, especially those with tummies close to the ground, such as dachshunds or corgis, can develop rashes and irritation from the grass, so a little skin coverage like a fitted jumper can do wonders for their overall wellbeing and comfort.

2. Clothes to keep dogs warm in cold weather

For obvious reason, it's cold outside, so we want to keep our dogs warm out for walks or taking them with us to a nice brunch out with friends. Dressing your dog in a warm, stylish jumper keeps them comfortably toasty on social outings and will be a nice talking point with friends too. They’ll be rugged up and fashionable at the same time!

If you dread leaving for work in the morning and having to turn the heater off and leave your little one home alone in the cold, they will always find warmth when dressed in a chic bamboo fleece turtleneck or cutesy crewneck jumper. Plus, less fur on the furniture is always a bonus – doggy clothing has so many helpful benefits!

3. Clothes for puppies, small dogs and older dogs

Bigger dogs might not have trouble regulating their body heat and keeping warm throughout winter, but small dogs, puppies and older dogs are quite susceptible to colder temperatures. Younger puppies with thinner coats and small dogs that don’t hold as much body heat might not be able to tolerate the cold as much as larger breeds.

Older dogs with arthritis will also feel the cold to a greater extent. A high-quality dog coat can greatly improve their comfort levels both inside and outside the home.

While the choice to dress dogs in clothes may be purely for fashion and social reasons for some, there are many other health related reasons for dogs to wear clothing too. These days, it’s not that hard to find dog clothing, but if you are a discerning owner looking for a superior piece that’s made from premium quality, soft materials and is also eco-friendly and fashionable, our bamboo fleece turtleneck is THE piece for you.

At Dear Cooper, we spend a lot of time sourcing quality fabric and taking inspiration from human fashion to create clothing that can withstand the test of time. We aim to create pieces that provide your pups with ultimate comfort and stay away from nasty polyester or plastics that are frequently used in standard dog clothing.

After all, our dogs are a truly precious sparkle of joy in our lives, and they deserve to be dressed in the best.


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