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How to shower your dog with love this Valentine's


It's the season of love but you have been so busy lately and all you want is to have a glass of wine, cuddle your dog and watch Netflix.

We know that feeling. As a pawrent, the hardest part about having a dog isn’t the mess or looking after them, it’s the guilt that you don’t get to spend enough time with them. So what can you do to declare your love for your dog?

We are really lucky these days with many 'Pawlentine' products out there, but what your dog wants, is probably just playtime with you - ok and of course some treats won't hurt.

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With our Heartthrob Enrichment Toys, you can show your dog how special they are by giving them a gift they’ll truly love because not only you can play with them, you can get them to sniff for treats too.

Each of our Heartthrob enrichment dog toys contain a squeaker, and a space where you can hide the treats so your dog can hunt for and reward themselves with.

These toys are also handmade using recycled fabric from our eco-friendly clothing (all made with organic cotton, sherpa, and bamboo fleece materials), meaning every toy is kind to your pup and the planet.

If you want to shower your dog more love, how about making them a dog valentine box, bundle our heartthrob toys with a cuddly recycled wool pet blanket sourced from The Tartan Blanket Co, or pair them with our range of personalized dog clothing.

Find out more about our Heartthrob toys, personalized dog blankets, and our personalized clothing range!

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