About Us

Hi there, this is us!

Sarina and Cooper, two bonding souls behind the scenes running Dear Cooper.

My life changed on Dec 23rd, 2017, the moment I picked up Cooper. He ignited the fire inside me about starting a business. A step that I have always been longing to take but fearful to start. Who would have thought this little body, barely 5 lbs, can stir up so many emotions in me. 

Like many dachshund owners, I cannot find cute clothing to fit this tiny but weird body. Clothes that fit the chest don't fit the length, when it fits the chest, you know best - it usually looks like a crop top when I put it on this long body.

Growing up I have always love making things. I learned how to knit when I was young, so when I can't find any cute clothing for him, I decided to make it myself. The first sweater took me about 6 months to make, but I got there and I was beyond ecstatic when I saw Cooper wearing the sweater I made. 

The first sweater I knitted for Cooper. 

I enjoyed knitting sweaters for him so much that I would go home immediately after work and start knitting. Then I started to get asked about the sweaters on the streets, at the cafes. That was the time when I thought, perhaps THIS IS the business. Making premium quality and stylish clothing for dachshunds.

And then I thought, if I can knit, I can probably sew too. In the months that followed, I took sewing lessons, I bought a sewing machine and practiced till late at night, I went from not knowing what needle to use, to making my own patterns. I sewed for friends' dogs, took feedback, I challenged myself in making for different shapes, long hair, short hair, standard sizes etc. 

 The first sweater I sewed.

Fast forward to 2020, I decided to leave my job and pursue this passion. It was a bold move, I didn't have any business knowledge, nor any existing customers, but I followed my intuition, and eagerness to live my purpose, I started Dear Cooper.I started in Australia, and across to the other side of the world in Canada.

To build a business certainly isn't easy but I am filled with gratitude. I believe everything happened for a reason and I truly thank you for this opportunity to share my creations with you. Without your support, Dear Cooper won't be possible!

Sarina + Cooper