Our Process

Every single piece of clothing are handmade with love

We make our dog clothes and accessories in our little home basement in Markham, Ontario. When we reach our capacity, we seek help from local factories in Canada to help us with the cutting and sewing, and we finish off with the final sewing and embroidery in house.

Our process

Whether it's dog clothes, collars and leashes, we follow the similar process below:

1. Design - we do research on trends (mainly on human clothing trends) and then create a mood board to decide on the colour theme, elements, as well as the style of clothing that can be made to dog clothes. For accessories, we do the same, and consider how we can design our accessories that complement with the dog clothing.

2. Fabric sourcing - we source our fabric from around the world, but most of our fabric are imported from the US, Europe or locally in Canada. If we cannot find fabric that works with our designs, we purchase unbleached fabrics from local manufacturers or wholesalers and take them to a commercial dye house to dye them to the colour we wanted, or print accordingly.

3. Pattern development - we develop our own patterns and constantly improve based on feedback from customers. We start our pattern making process by searching for patterns that we like, then we research on different dog sizes. We then make adjustments on existing patterns to fit into the sizings we decide on.

4. Samples - once we finish making the patterns, we would cut our fabric and make to clothing. Our first sample is usually sewn in basting stitch to just hold the fabric together.

5. Fittings - once we finish making our samples, we then fit on different dogs to make sure the patterns work well. Our Chief Puppy Officer Cooper usually gets the first hand modelling chance to help with fitting. From there on we connect with people through social media, friends and neighbours and arrange for fittings. We get feedback on fittings and adjust accordingly.

6. 2nd sample - while doing fittings, we unpick one of the samples that has already been fitted (usually the one from Cooper) and re-sew them properly. 

7. Test wash - we put the clothing to wash, for at least 2 times to see how it turns out. 

8. Final step - when we are satisfied with all the above steps, we would go ahead and order more fabric. And then we can start taking photos and promote our new designs.

3 months from idea to final product, 1 - 3 hours to make a custom piece.

As we developed our standard patterns, we also take custom orders to suit dogs that are either between size or sizes not on our size chart. For clothing, we start from step 1 to develop the pattern and go straight to cut and sew. It takes approximately 1 - 2 hours to develop a new pattern and an additional 1 hour to cut and sew.

For collars and leashes, we currently have only standard sizings as they are adjustable. In the case the size is not available we follow the same process but it takes lesser time as a pattern doesn't need to be developed, only need to do some calculation and cut out the fabric and sew.