Our mission


Our mission is simple - We want to bring you joy!

Having a dog has transformed my life and I believe they did to many of you - and that's why you are here. All the little moments when you dress up your dog - whether it is for practical reasons because it is cold outside, or because your dog just look so cute in that piece of clothing, that brings you so much joy and excitement, makes you forget about that terrible day you just had.

I truly believe that, having a dog is part of who I am, and therefore I create designs that are simple, modern, aesthetically pleasing which complement my lifestyle. At times I also throw in some fun designs, because life should be fun. I hope I can infuse some positive energy to your life by sharing the dog clothes I created.




1. Community - our community is important to us as we are not perfect, and we listen to our community for feedback and constantly improve our products to achieve the highest standard.

2. Sustainability - it is important for us to contribute to lesser wastage and plastic in the environment, so we can all breath cleaner air and have a better quality of life.

3. Eyes on detail - this is the standard I hold for many many years and I want this to be reflected on to my creation.

4. Give back - our brand is not just about a dog, we want to celebrate the connection between human and their dogs, because they bring us joy, they inspire us and they let us be who we are. We give back to service dogs charities because these dogs make such a positive impact in people's life with physical or mental disabilities. 

5. Sense of freedom - our designs are light, effortless and in most cases designs that can stand a test of time. Just like what we want in our life - simple, easy flowing, and a sense of freedom that don't restricted by time or quality.