Sustainability | Eco-Conscious


Sustainability is a lifestyle choice. We maybe a small brand, but we believe in the importance of having that consciousness to create a better environment.

When possible, we choose to use natural materials in all the products that we make, from the webbing on our collars and leashes, fabric on our clothing even down to our packaging. Having a dog is part of our lifestyle and when we choose sustainable products for our dogs, we are saying yes to a cleaner and healthier planet. 




We spend a lot of time in sourcing our fabric. Fabric composition is very important to us and when there is an option, we often choose fabric made in natural materials, or organic, although it means the fabric cost can be a lot higher. We also look at recycled fabric to give these fabric another opportunity to repurpose. When we need to print our own fabric, we work with fabric printing companies that comply with Oeko-Tex standard. Oeko-Tex standard 100 certification is an industry standard to proof that fabric has been tested and certified to be free from harmful chemicals.  

Organic Hemp Webbing  

We source our hemp webbing from Europe or the US. These webbings have high tensile strength, are soft on hands and have been widely used to make dog collars and leashes. 


We use compostable bags or cardboard boxes for our packaging. Both the boxes and bags can be reused and help to minimize wastage. We also chose to use tissue paper instead of plastic bags to package our clothing, as an effort to minimize the use of plastic.