We are transitioning to a dachshund brand

What started as a passion project in making clothes for my mini dachshund, become a dog apparel business. As a new brand, I tried to listen to the market, and serve as many people (or breeds) as I can because successful business owners listen to their customers, right?

Unfortunately in my case, I started to notice I was being pulled to different directions, I tried to serve everyone and I ended up serving no one. I was constantly tweaking patterns to fit each dog (even it wasn't a custom order), and I found myself spending 4 - 5 hours just to make one sweater, and left no time to master anything else in running a business. I am always exhausted, overwhelmed, and eventually lost the joy in making and creating.

Something needs to change. I went back to my why and what brought me the most joy.  Then I noticed its my dog Cooper and the community I have connected with because of him.  So I decided, I need to get back to my root and serve my dachshund community better.

Making this transition was one of the most difficult business decisions I had to make, because I love all my customers - regardless of what breed they have. 

I hope this transition isn't a goodbye but a form of empowerment to let you know that you too should step in to your super power, because that's what I intend to do and I look forward to taking Dear Cooper to the next level.